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Do you have a product idea that you want to realize?

If you have an existing product that needs improvement, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ve reached us at Side System. We utilize the latest in CAD technology during our design process and have several multi-operation machines to assist with manufacturing. With extensive experience in hydraulics, we design and deliver complete valve blocks, special cylinders, and other components for hydraulic systems.

About us

Side System is a complete supplier of valve blocks for hydraulic systems. We handle everything from design, prototype manufacturing, and testing to series production of finished valve blocks.

All you need to do is show us a hydraulic diagram or give us a specification of the desired functions, and we will solve your problem and deliver finished blocks in the desired quantity. The series is produced in one of our horizontal multi-operation machines. For example, our Okuma 600 with six pallets and 171 tools.

Other services include the assembly of complete valve packages where we purchase valves of various brands according to the customer’s wishes or following suggestions from our design department. We both design and manufacture custom hydraulic cylinders in various sizes and hydraulic units according to specifications.

Side System was founded in 1985. We currently have 20 employees. All manufacturing takes place in our own premises in Side in Oviken, Jämtland.

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